More Matchless links and pictures

The first two pictures show details of c. 1884 Matchless in the Velorama museum. Clearly this bicycle is in many details the same as mine, but it has smaller front hub flanges. This makes it a somewhat later model. need to find the serial number one day.  
It is very well conserved and you can see the double yellow lining. Under the step of my own Matchless you can see that it was also black, but with a double red lining.


The Matchless you see on the following two pictures is clearly a later model, with newer model handlebars and an upgraded rubber suspension system for the rear hub. It has serial number 41230, and was built 1886-'87. Click here for link.

I can't read Spanish, but this bicycle has an engraved spring support, the newer handlebars and the later type of rear suspension. Guess it dates around 1885-1886. Click picture for link.

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